24 oktober 2009

Tyskland tar täten i resursslöseriet

Missa inte den här intressanta debattartikeln på Financial Post om Tysklands gigantiska slöseri med skattepengar för att subventionera olönsam och ineffektiv sol- och vindkraft.

"Proponents of renewable energies often regard the requirement for more workers to produce a given amount of energy as a benefit, failing to recognize that this lowers the output potential of the economy and is hence counterproductive to net job creation. Significant research shows that initial employment benefits from renewable policies soon turn negative as additional costs are incurred. Trade-and other assumptions in those studies claiming positive employment turn out to be unsupportable."

(Tips från Greenie Watch)

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Snowroller sa...

Vad bränner pengar snabbast, eld eller "gröna" företag?