16 april 2008

Björn Lomborg om Earth Hour

"We are endlessly presented with stories of soaring temperatures, but over the past year we've experienced the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, and it's been downward. In January, Hong Kong was gripped by its second-longest cold spell since 1885. This year's storms in central and southern China produced the worst winter weather in a half-century. Snow fell on Baghdad for the first time in living memory.

When we get a distorted picture we are likely to make wrong choices. Nowhere is this clearer than with the lights-out campaign. Doing virtually no good while dramatically decreasing energy efficiency and increasing air pollution merely jeopardises any hope for enlightened public policy."

Läsvärd artikel av Björn Lomborg, som reflekterar över Världsnaturfondens kampanj Earth Hour.

Tips: GreenieWatch

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